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Well, with nannying, traveling for Thanksgiving, applying and getting accepted into grad school, I haven’t had a ton of a time to make anything. But I’ve made a couple of small items for Christmas. They are all for sale, so let me know if you want one!

































Kiss in the Rain

Here’s a small 8”x 10” acrylic painting. It’s for sale on my etsy account too for $28. Let me know what you think!

Doxology Trio

A friend recently asked me to do a piece. The only specifications were that I use the large canvas with the two blocks on either side. She enjoys music and wanted something with the doxology. So…this is what I’ve got:

A whole lot of girly:

Ok, so I don’t know what’s gotten over me, but I have gone super girly in my work this week. To give you an idea of what I’ve been working on here are a couple of the projects: The first two are drawings with ink and bamboo brush:

This is a gift wrap ornament I did:

And here is a vanity and stool set that I’ve painted:

The vanity is for sale, so if you want it, let me know!
I’m asking $130 for the table and stool combined. The mirror is detachable, if you like it but don’t necessarily need it with a mirror.

I’ll be putting it up on Etsy and Craigs list soon. Hopping someone from Bham wants it though, ’cause it’d be nice if my customers didn’t have to pay so much in shipping! However, as long as it goes to a good home, I’ll be happy : )

So yeah, I’m feeling a little girly lately, I guess. Let me know what you think! I always welcome feedback, requests, or suggestions. I’m thinking of doing the full vanity with fowers, but am afraid it will get too busy. What do you think?

Children’s Illustrations

In college I took a drawing class where I had to do a couple of drawings of something I like. Well, I have always loved birds and so did a couple of ink and brush drawings. They feel like children’s illustrations to me. I thought I’d share them with you 🙂 Hope you enjoy! If you would like one let me know, they can easily be dublicated (by hand – no digital duplications).

They are each 10”x 10” drawings in a 12”x 12” black frame – Light blue backing. They were drawn with black india ink and bamboo brush.

Also, if there are any requests, anything that you have in mind that you’d like me to do for you, please let me know! Illustrations, drawins, immitations (painting, not acting 🙂 ). I also do faux painting and refurbishing.

Dark circles and happy tables

The Lord has blessed me so much here lately with the time and resources to paint, and also with people willing to purchase my stuff. Here are my latest two projects. I got a little more ambitious with these two, but I’m pretty proud of them. Let me know what you think!!

Textured Acrylic on Canvas – 32”x 32”: FOR SALE!
(compare to $400 similar @ ZGallerie or Pottery Barn)

Handmade, Handpainted Table w/ Shelf: FOR SALE!!
34” tall, 26” wide, 14” deep

The tops of the shelves have been varnished and polished smooth, so it’s ready to stand up against every-day wear and tear! This piece is great either as a fun accent piece, in a baby’s room, or as a side table. Very versatile 🙂 And yes the little owl drawing is mine too. There is a series of children’s bird drawings I’ve done. I might put them up soon. I also just recently painted the fun blue lantern you see there. I just love how unique it is, don’t you?!

I’m Selling some artwork:

The past couple of weeks have been crazy for me. What with moving apartments, not working at Student Life anymore and job searching I’ve needed a reprieve. So, I’ve whipped out the paints and sandpaper and have some fun things to show for it!

I’ve decided to sell the pieces I’ve made. Here, take a gander and see if you’d like anything!

Hand Painted Bookcase: SOLD!!
Height: 30”
Width: 26.5”
Depth: 15”
The shelves are 12”x12” – perfect for sliding baskets!

Sage and light green, it’s a great accent piece and perfect for an apartment, or even a little girl’s room.

Red, Brown, and Gold Circles: SOLD!!
16”x 20”

This textured painting is just fun. I’ve always seen stuff like it and loved the splash of color it gives to a wall.


Textured Water Lily: SOLD!!

8”x 10”

Textured Red Rose: SOLD!!

8” x 10”

Feel free to message me if you’re interested in any of these. I’m completely willing to ship them if needed. Or, if you’re in the B’ham area, I can bring them to you! Bonus for you!