I’m Selling some artwork:

The past couple of weeks have been crazy for me. What with moving apartments, not working at Student Life anymore and job searching I’ve needed a reprieve. So, I’ve whipped out the paints and sandpaper and have some fun things to show for it!

I’ve decided to sell the pieces I’ve made. Here, take a gander and see if you’d like anything!

Hand Painted Bookcase: SOLD!!
Height: 30”
Width: 26.5”
Depth: 15”
The shelves are 12”x12” – perfect for sliding baskets!

Sage and light green, it’s a great accent piece and perfect for an apartment, or even a little girl’s room.

Red, Brown, and Gold Circles: SOLD!!
16”x 20”

This textured painting is just fun. I’ve always seen stuff like it and loved the splash of color it gives to a wall.


Textured Water Lily: SOLD!!

8”x 10”

Textured Red Rose: SOLD!!

8” x 10”

Feel free to message me if you’re interested in any of these. I’m completely willing to ship them if needed. Or, if you’re in the B’ham area, I can bring them to you! Bonus for you!


2 Responses to “I’m Selling some artwork:”

  1. 1 Lindsay September 2, 2010 at 8:56 am

    Soooo anything that isn’t SOLD… You are one talented gal.

  2. 2 alisonkelly September 2, 2010 at 9:03 am


    Thanks so much! They actually all sold within a couple of hours. I’m working on some more stuff though and can do any of these again 🙂

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