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I am my own source of income. I have no husband and live independently from my parents. My income is technically under the poverty line in the US. I literally live paycheck to paycheck. Money goes towards bills and food. Any extra is usually spent on whatever seems to go wrong in the day to day life: dr. visit, meds, car problems…There’s no cushion. But I am living. I live warm, safe, and fed.

All of my needs are met. Though technically at the poverty line, I live a very wealthy life compared to others on this planet. Haiti, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere is practically in America’s backyard. Things have been worse than bad for years for this country. Then earlier this week at 7.0 earthquake hit. And now what was terrible has become catastrophic. My heart is heavy for the Haitian people. I find myself in tears throughout the day, praying that God would deliver and heal this nation. So much is needed there. I can’t even fathom the type of recovery process they must endure. People are flocking to the county to help, but they need more help. So I pray. I pray fervently that the Haitian people would cry out to God Most High and that he would hear their cry and save them. I pray that healing and overwhelming comfort would be given them. I pray for salvation. I pray for God’s glory to be known, and for people to be sent in Christ’s name to help. I pray for the rescue teams from around the globe who are already there helping. I pray that they might not lose heart and have a great impact on this country. I pray that as the days tick by and turn into weeks, months, and years that the country can fully recover from this tragedy and finally gain stability.

And I look at myself and wonder: what can I do? How can I help? Can I go and help? I have no money for the travel. But I live in America. I have all I need. I live in peace. I should DO something. I feel helpless. So I pray more.

Bills take all of my money. The only extra money I have was going to be spent on repairing my car. But Haiti is under rubble. So, my car can wait. For as long as the Lord calls me to give, my car can wait. I trust the Lord, so he will take care of me. It’s not much. The meagerness of my giving causes anguish in my soul. It is times like these that make me wish I were wealthy. I could throw down a sum 500x as big as the one I have now. I am struggling with feelings of futility and overwhelming concern for Haiti.

Lord, you are bigger and strong than all of this. Provide in your infinite goodness and generosity. Save Haiti.